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Constantly Changing

With over HALF A MILLION TV programs in our licensed library, we provide content that continues to change throughout the day, every day. We steer clear of the boring repetitive loops you'll find on most custom systems.

Family Friendly

Our editorial team ensures quality content by reviewing each individual video before releasing it onto our network – ensuring that only appropriate programming reaches your screen.

Dedicated Support

Each one our our clients has a Client Success Manager to help guide them. The CSM is there to share best practices that we've learned from our clients across the country. He/she can also help you choose and adjust your content to best match your audience.

We Don't Loop!
With access to over 500,000 programs we avoid boredom and repetition.

The Programming We Provide

You choose the categories of content that will interest your customers most and we deliver new programming to you (and them) every day. You can view some samples of our ever-growing library of content below:
National News
Children's Programs
Home & Garden
Human Interest
Science & Education
In addition to the quality TV programs we provide, we also have a suite of games with an interactive feel that you can display on your TV as well. See samples below:
Word Scrambles

The Content Matters

It's Easy to Control

You can throw out your standard TV remote and replace it with our online control panel– available for desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Log in anytime 24/7 to make changes to the types of content you want to share, and active filters to keep certain types of content out. From your account, you can upload your own custom videos and personal messaging to be played alongside, and in between, our diverse programming.

Block Inappropriate Content Automatically

TV networks that broadcast through cable/satellite have become very lax when it comes to what goes over the air. When you are at home, and have the use of a remote control, you can choose what you want to watch and what is appropriate for you and your family to see. When you are in public however, you don't have that control. Instead, the business owner/office manager is responsible for what their visitors are being exposed to.

Block Bad Language

As much as it may surprise you, bad language can be heard on cable TV, even during daytime hours. Sometimes this is due to a live broadcast, but we've even seen planned and produced news packages and programs that have bad words included. Bad language is something you certainly don't need to have on your TV, and we actively block all video content that includes it.

Block Graphic Imagery & Sexual Content

Even the tamest choices of programming can include off-putting content that you'd rather be without. News stories with bloody faces, or teen comedies with sexual subject matter are likely not appropriate for your setting. Our editorial department is actively blocking these pieces of content out as well. We have human beings watching each piece of content before it is approved, to ensure that you have a positive TV experience.

Content Blocker

Enhanced Control: Video Keyword Blocking™

Automatically block out videos containing specific keywords you don't want showing up on your TV. Are your visitors tired of political news about Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi? Block them! Do you like food programming, but own a kosher restaurant and don't want to see videos about making BLTs? You can block out bacon!

For one reason or another, you may not like something you see on TV– but with It's Relevant TV we will automatically block out the content you don't want shown on yout TV(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? Be sure to contact us.

Do I need to keep cable?

You do not need to have a cable/satellite TV subscription for It's Relevant TV. You just need an internet connection (Wifi or ethernet) with at least a 1.5MB/sec download speed.

Why can't I just use Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix and Hulu are services that are licensed for private use. Similar to the way you can't show a DVD in public, you can't show TV programs in your business without the proper licensing rights. It's Relevant TV has secured the rights for commercial and public display within our partner agreements.

Can I run this without sound?

Absolutely. We include the option to display subtitles with every video on the network so that you can leave your TV muted or at a low volume and still allow your visitors to enjoy the programming.

Can I mix in my own videos?

It's Relevant TV allows you to mix in your own videos whenever you'd like. Simply upload videos through our online control panel and choose which TV(s) you'd like to have them mixed into, and how often you'd like them to appear in the mix.

How many channels are there?

It's Relevant TV doesn't have "channels", but rather separate categories of content. You simply select the categories that will interest your visitors most and we create a custom channel for you that is constantly mixing content from all of your selected categories. You can change/update your selections at any time, 24/7.

Can I control multiple TVs separately?

Yes. It's Relevant TV allows you to control one, all, or multiple TVs at a time, setting preferences for each. For instance, if you run a medical office and have both adult and child exam rooms, you can send a broad variety of content to the general waiting area, and narrower kid-focused selections to the child exam rooms.